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Bullshit refers to (usually male) bovine feces. Also used as a colloquial epithet for unsubstantiated drivel.

Bullshit in popular culture[edit]

Penn & Teller have a television program called Bullshit!, in which they serve as self-anointed debunkers of whatever pisses them off.

Bullshit in politics[edit]

Most of it.

Bullshit in religion[edit]

All of it.

Bullshit in the garden[edit]

This is the one truly useful location for bullshit. After a suitable period of composting, it makes great fertilizer and an excellent soil conditioner. Certain plant species are adapted to thrive in it, such as the turdblossom.

Free energy[edit]

In the Turd World, bullshit is used as a source of free energy.

Euphemisms for bullshit[edit]