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Conservapedes are strange insect-like creatures that manage to survive despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They are in fact the nymph stage of the so-called schla-fly.

Characterised by a very low intelligence they are even able to exist through nerve impulses alone if the head is cut off. Palaeontologists consider them to be one of the few species (along with kangaroos and koalas) that survived the long incarceration on Noah's ark.

Paradoxically, conservapedes tend to be solitary creatures despite blindly following the scent signals (known to biologists as "fearamones") of a sissop or drone. Conservapedes eschew the community ethos of ants and bees through a selfish mechanism which has undoubtedly contributed to their continued existence. Unlike the multi-year cycles of cicadas, conservapedes have a seven-day cycle where they come together in "church" and perform a ritual ullulation - because of this some taxonomists have grouped them with the praying mantis. Although conservapedes often bond for life, the male often mates with other females until confronted by their partner. After performing a ritual atonement dance the male will revert to a monogamous relationship for a short while before once again spreading his seed.

Conservapedes are very stubborn creatures and will continue along the same path despite whatever obstacle is placed in their way.

Darwin considered the conservapede to be the exception that proved the rule in his theory of evolution as it is the only species that has not evolved and has in fact regressed towards it's progenitor.