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Some people are content in life
Letting other people's wikis be.
Others like SteveCarson
Have a hatred for CP.

F.B.I. has your info.
They can trace your IP.
We now have a case number.
Run and flee, run and flee.

F.B.I. will track you
While awake, and in your dreams.
When they catch you, be afraid.
In jail, no one can hear you scream.

Don't ask how it's going.
Don't request an update.
F.B.I. is personal,
You will just have to wait.

F.B.I. is really
Going to go after Steve.
I swear to God, I'm not joking.
Potential vandals, take heed and leave.


We have a new method
To scare off vandalists.
If they come to start trouble
We can add them to our list.

You'll hear them call you,
Searching through your records.
Watching you

"We're onto you, be careful, we're onto you."

F.B.I. is under
Our own authority.
If we beckon, they will answer
Wait and see, wait and see.