Fun:Conservapedia, The Musical/You're a Dumb One, Mr. Ken

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(To the tune of You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch by Albert Hague and Dr. Seuss, which we do not own)


You're a dumb one, Mr. Ken
You really are a heel
You're homophobic as a WBCer
You've got the machismo of an eel
Mr. Ke-EN!
Your brain's a not-so-intelligently-designed banana with a
Greasy black peel!
You're deluded, Mr. Ken
Your skull's an empty hole
You think atheism's dying when it's growing
You're horrible at being a troll
Mr. Ke-EN!
Whenever someone disagrees with you on Assfly's blog, you block them with a
Thirty-nine-and-a-half-mile-sized range block-pole!
You hate atheists, Mr. Ken
You think we're fat and cruel
You blame Chinese atheists for COVID
You think discrimination against us is good
Mr. Ke-EN!
The three words that best describe your clumsy attempts at link-spamming
Are as follows, and I quote:
"Lame, lame, lame!"
Fred would be proud of you, Mr. Ken
'Cuz your such a hateful man (child!)
You applaud Brunei for torturing and killing gays
You think it's just another setback for tEh GaY
Mr. Ke-EN!
Your mind is an appalling and amusing dump heap
Overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of ridiculous
Ideas imaginable
Written in a plagiaristic, dishonest way!
You kill my brain cells, Mr. Ken
Your stupid's contagious
You're a numbskulled, bigoted mental-midget
And you help run a hateful blog
Mr. Ke-EN!
You're a three-decker atheophobia and homophobia peanut butter sandwich
With Kool-Aid sauce!