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World History Homework One (satirical work by SJ Debaser)

Instructor: Schlafly Doo

Answer on the Talk page, good luck!


Referenced questions are actual questions by Andrew Schlafly on Conservapedia, so thank him for our education!

1. How is Christianity better than different from Islam?

2. Is democracy possible in Iraq, as the United States has been trying to accomplish for six years? WHH5 QH2

3. When and why did America elect it's first affirmative action African American President?

4. Do you think the term "faith" properly applies to any religion other than Christianity?WHH5 QH6

5. Who would win in a fight between Jesus Christ and Santa Claus?

6. Do you think there is a link between abortion and breast cancer, and why?

7. Describe an example of anti-Christians trying to drive a wedge between Christians (have to go beyond the lecture for this one). QH4

8. Religious wars in England: its loss, America's gain. Explain. WHH9 Q2

9. "America is the greatest country in the world." Agree Discuss.

10. Comment on the theory or justification of a revolution, and what you think about it. WHH9 QH4

11. How awesome was the United States when they saved Britain in World War Two? Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 and give reasons.

12. Bash Comment on socialism, communism or evolution. WHH10 QH5

13. To what extent was the current economic crisis NOT the fault of American conservatives? (Draw sources from Conservapedia)

14. Do you think Jesus taught in Greek? Explain. WHH2 QH1

15. How awesome is Ann Coulter? Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 and give reasons.

16. Do you think homosexuals go to hell? Give reasons for your answer.

17. Suppose you just heard about plans to build a mosque in Nazareth next to where the angel visited Mary, the mother of Jesus. What would your view be? WHH3 Q7a

18. How is liberal indoctrination affecting the youth of America today? You may have to look beyond the lecture for this one, you should mention abortion, Hollywood values, homosexuality, the public school system, etc.

19. How far has atheism and Darwinism contribute to the main mass murderers - dictatorial and public - in the 20th century and the 21st century so far?

20. If I give you a "B", will you tell me I matter?

EXTRA CREDIT: Extra Credit

(Girls only) An example of modern chivalry for girls would be all of the following EXCEPT:

(a) protecting a young child whose parent is distracted by something else

(b) thanking a boy who offers to help carry something

(c) lightening the stress on boys and men, who live on average 7 years less than girls and women

(d) insisting on participating in an all-boy activity like tackle football

(e) welcoming a boy when he might feel awkward

(Boys only) An example of modern chivalry for boys would be all of the following EXCEPT:

(a) protecting a girl from danger that you recognize but she does not

(b) showing good sportsmanship after winning or losing an athletic contest

(c) thanking a girl for making chocolate brownies that you enjoyed

(d) showing initiative and welcoming a girl when she enters a room

(e) making a joke at the expense of people having physical handicaps