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Fun:Cuck-o-tron 3000

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Gluteal Cleft cuckold signs.jpg
Welcome to the
An all-purpose generator of valuable alt-right conversation.
Now in three styles!

Person 1: Your idea is wrong, [Source] proves it.
Person 2: [Source] is a hive of mangina illiberal extremists. I'm surprised anyone still links to it.

Person 2: I used to like [Source] until anti-White illiberals took it over. Once manginas touch something, you can't help but see its cucklord ideas.

Noun pileup:
Person 2: [What Source says] is such shill crybaby radical feminist transqueer basic bitch bullshit. Anyone who doesn't understand that is just a multiculturalist.

Purge the degenerate scum for new results!
Full list of insults.