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Balloons.svg The following contains an admixture of parody. This notice-box has been stuck here to prevent readers from suffering the sort of confusion to which Poe's Law refers.
The specific target of this parody is Conservapedia's article on "Evolution Syndrome".
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For those living in an alternate reality, Conservapedia has an "article" about Evolution syndrome

Evolution syndrome is the tendency of people to insist on the entirely untrue fact belief that humans evolved from the same ancestor as monkeys and retarded frog-squirrels.[1] These people spend the vast majority (approximately 90.02352353...%) of their time pushing this belief on others by shoving it down the Intertubes. They spread these lies through sites such as Liberalpedia Wikipedia and AtheistLiarsWiki RationalWiki, mostly because they have no real lives.[2] These people are against teaching lies alternative theories to children in school, such as frozen alien souls. A common symptom of this disease is acting like a bratty kid when somebody tries to introduce a counter-idea, unlike christians Christians and conservatives.[citation needed]

This disease most often afflicts people with some form of educational background and depth of intelligence. It can be observed in wikis, encylopedias, all reputable scientific documentation, and plain sight.[3]

Evolution syndrome is a gateway to other diseases such as atheism, homosexuality, and liberalism.[4]

The best cure for this disease is being tolerant of the beliefs of others, no matter how ridiculous they may be.[5] Chicken soup can help dry up some of the other symptoms of evolution syndrome, such as support of equal rights for gays, a desire for scientifically-backed factual knowledge, and joining the Democratic Party.

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