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Even the reptoids in the British monarchy appreciate them.

Foxes are small, cute mammals. They live on all continents other than Antarctica.[1] Foxes can be any color from black to red to white. Foxes can live in cities, but they are very stealthy and hard to stop (see: Spy FoxWikipedia). Foxes mostly eat small mammals, followed by fruits and invertebrates.[2]

Foxes have historically had a strong association with cleverness,[3] perhaps due to their reputation for easily outwitting farmers' attempts to stop them from stealing chickens or hunters trying to track them down.[4]

Esmae and Mala, a.k.a. the lesbian goth foxes, are two bonded female foxes that live at SaveAFox Rescue.[5] They have been said to have "taken the world by storm", but somehow the Republican Party doesn't know of them. Which is probably a good thing, as they might go a bit more batshit insane than usual when confronted with a solid example of homosexuality being a natural aspect of animal psychology and not a uniquely human abomination.

Foxes have often been hunted for their fur, but strangely not for their meat. Luckily, faux fox fur is becoming more available, so we can dress up as foxes without harming foxes!

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