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The Blockchain is one of humanity's greatest tools, brought down from Heaven by God to Our Lord and Savior, Satoshi Nakamoto (PBUH) on the fateful year of 2008 (in the old calendar, now known as year 1 AW, After Whitepaper).

While it has already firmly established its absolute dominance in the financial world, freeing us from our government oppressors who tried to tell us what we can do with our money and who we can transact with, one area that remains largely unexplored is the world of online communications.

Attempts to bring the glory of the Blockchain to social media have been done by companies such as Steemit,Wikipedia so the obvious next step for Blockchain in the world of communications are wikis.


No software is more used in the world of wikis nowadays than MediaWiki. It uses the obsolete technology of SQL databases, most commonly the heretic MariaDB (females in my database, ughh) to store text, user accounts and other stuff, and disk storage or S3 object storage to store images.

The glorious Blockchain steps in[edit]

The gains of Blockchain are obvious.

Decentralized storage[edit]

We can use the Blockchain to store all the wiki's information on it, images and user account data included. Think about it, sysadmins, this means automatic and painless backups! All the information is distributed to all the nodes on the Bitcoin Network, so the information is never lost (and can never be deleted)!


Wikis like IrrationalWiki could use cryptocurrencies associated with a Blockchain to fund the wiki's operations! Just think about it, every time someone edits on the Saloon Bar, every time some grammar nazi edits an article, every time some sysop censor reverts wandalism oppresses free thinkers, they are all required to pay a specific amount of cryptocurrency. This will help keep the decentralized servers running!

Prevents unproductive edits[edit]

Because everyone has to pay when editing, this will ensure only rational actors will contribute to the wiki, keeping wandals at bay!

Free speech[edit]

While rollbacks are still possible, the nature of the Blockchain means that it is now impossible to delete content! Imagine, free speech for doxxers and terrorists! Tools like the sysops' (delete) and suppressors' (suppressrevision) are now useless, because the content is accessible on the Blockchain anyway! This will help establish wikis as Free Speech areas, forcing the censors to engage in the marketplace of ideas instead of censoring wrongthink counter to their propaganda!

Super edit wars[edit]

For the drama lovers, edit wars will get more interesting when the inevitable switch of wikis to Blockchains is done. Because protecting pages is impossible on a Blockchain-powered wiki, and every edit now requires paying, including rollbacks and undoes, only rational ideas will prevail in these battles for the truth!Wikipedia

I hope this makes it obvious that someone should make a fork of MediaWiki running in the Blockchain. Not me, though, I'm just an ideas guyTM.