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The goat and the notgoat in quantum entanglement

Everything that isn't goat is not goat. All that is not goat strives to be goat, because goat is the epitome of perfection.

The mathematical description (goat ∩ ¬goat = ∅; goat ∪ ¬goat = U) of this eternal tension is held to be highly likely to hold the key to integrating quantum mechanics and relativity.

It should be noted that Goat/Notgoat (note the conflation of the words into a single memetic ideologism) is a superposition of entanglement which implies the Bosonity of Higgs. The quantumicity of the "notGoat" is related to the diminishing half-life of Carbon14 and might thus show that the universe is (approx) 139 Notgoat periods (6000 years) old.