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The octopus is perhaps the most fearsome creature on Earth. It's eight arms give it a +10 weapon-carrying bonus, but only when playing D&D.

It is generally thought that the octopus is Satan's child/kin/whore/drug dealer, and it is a well known fact that they killed Tim, Noah's brother-in-law, who suggested that perhaps they shouldn't bring some of the diseases onto Noah's Boat. Death, then a washed up hollywood actor laughed at him for this suggestion, shot him with a octopus.

The great Octo-crab war[edit]

From 1980 to yesterday, the great Octopus Warriors of Atlantis fought a hard pitched war against the Crabs, who had invaded their sea and stolen their women and eggs (who they quickly ate (the women) and mated with (the eggs)). To seek revenge on the pedophilic Crabs, they stole a Russian submarine and dove right into their nest. In the weeks that followed many lives where lost.

The Octopuses won this war...but will they win the next? We report, you decide!