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Fun:Real world

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A place in the real world (part of Wales to be exact)

The "real world" is that place you go when you have to leave your computer.

It has high resolution and a great frame rate (10^43 fps) but is populated disproportionately by n00bs and trolls. The gameplay is uneven; it has its great and sometimes unexpected moments, but can be repetitive and has only limited replay value. Technical support is also difficult to get, although some claim to have had more luck than others. Girls are more difficult to interact with, but in most cases they are real girls.

Many of the graphics appear to have been clumsily photoshopped, and there are no "restart" or "pause" buttons.

The system requirements should be within just about anyone's reach, though.

It has a well documented liberal bias.[conservapedia (You have been warned)]

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