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Repentance is what you need to do before you get saved. All of us have committed grievous sins, all must repent or we will be tortured eternally in Hell.

Are we at fault for out grievous sins?

  1. We’re grievous sinners because that’s the way God made us.
  2. Alternatively we’re grievous sinners because that’s the way we became after Adam and Eve ate those juicy apples mysterious fruits.

What can we do about those grievous sins that we couldn’t help doing?

  1. We must be really sorry for all those grievous sins. We must blame ourselves even if we didn't sin because of the way God made us or because of the our ancestors sinned.
  2. We must humbly ask God/Jesus to forgive all those grievous sins, yes even if it’s not our fault.

Is just being sorry enough or must we do more?

  1. We must turn to God and behave in good ways.
  2. We must stop sinning and turn from our evil ways.

But we can’t stop sinning because of human nature. Is all that fair and just?

  1. We must not ask questions like that or God/Jesus will become angry.
  2. We must not ask questions like that or God/Jesus will torment us eternally in hell. [1]

But don’t forget that God loves you.


  1. Unless we repent the questions we’ve asked we’ll be eternally tormented.