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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
Douglas Adams[1]

Below is a list of slip-ups that the so-called "perfect" God of the Abrahamic religions has made.

God's mistakes in roughly chronological order[edit]

Worldbuilding fail[edit]

  • Bangladesh. A large patch of extremely rich, low-lying, well-watered soil, at a relatively low latitude and with a warm climate, suitable for year-round cultivation: I'm down with that kind of intelligent design. Mad props to Allah. But, really — to put it in hurricane country, all within a few metres of sea level, at the tip of a triangular funnel of ocean that does for hurricane storm surges what the Bay of Fundy does for the tide, and at the top of a long, gently inclining seabed that's just about perfectly shaped to maximize wave heights? That sounds more like mean-drunk design to me. Dubbed as "God's practical joke" by Our Dumb World, written by the good folks of The Onion. Will really feel God's love when sea levels rise.
  • California. The day will come when we'll all be swimming in Arizona Bay.[note 5]
  • Ice - Almost all liquids contract when they freeze but water expands. If it didn't, ice would drop to the bottom of the ocean (directly onto the volcanic vents where life was supposed to form) and the entire planet would become a giant snowball. Last minute hacks to paper over bugs that come up in late stage QA are lame.
  • The Sun. Our sole source of light, heat, and (indirectly) food, under which a large portion of His children spend most of their time, gives us (especially white folks) cancer.
  • New York.
  • The polders of the Netherlands. So soggy we had to finish it for him.

Failure to use intelligent design protocols when creating humans[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Intelligent design
  • Not designing the human body the way he wants it by having all human males born circumcised like Shem.
  • Physical birth defects.
  • Making our adrenal glands too big.
  • Aging, which is quite literally caused by a biological error in cells.
  • Placement of the male external genitalia in a rather easy to attack position (unless it was deliberate to allow women easy retaliation). Many point out that testicles are vulnerable to heat damage which could make a man infertile... so why not design them to withstand human body temperature, much like ovaries?
  • And on the subject of genitalia… why are the same members that are used for body waste excretion also used for what is widely considered to be one of the most fun and interesting activities that humans can engage in? And why is a man's G spot in his anus if anal sex is forbidden by God?
  • Having the prostate wrap around the urethra like a donut, so when it becomes enlarged (which happens to most men as they get older) it blocks the flow of urine.
  • Not being able to correctly calculate the number of teeth necessary to fill the average adult human mouth.[note 6]
  • Use of a particularly inefficient system when making the vertebrate eye.
  • Error in testosterone management system which consequently makes many men go bald.[note 7]
  • Giving humans appendixes, which occasionally swell up and try to kill their owners and don't really need to be there because we don't eat grass. Why don't they all just leave our bodies and go and live in the backs of books?
  • The provision of a really bad, sometimes lethal, system of giving birth. (Though it may not have been so bad at first — He deliberately made it more painful to cruelly punish all women for the original sin thing.)
  • Failure to provide a system to synthesize vitamin C (or the failure in design that humans need vitamin C to begin with).
  • Drinking and laughing at the same time — makes the drink come out of the person's nose. Or potentially choke the victim of such a lousy design.
  • Human back — seems to cause a disproportionate number of problems which is usually followed by Vicodin addiction.
  • Spinal cord injuries being (at this point) unfixable.
  • Auto-immune disorders — because we all know we are our own worst enemy.
  • The inability to operate at anything like an adequate efficiency without regular and lengthy periods of sleep.
  • Hangnails.
  • Referred painWikipedia — You might actually be having a potentially fatal heart attack. Unfortunately your body is telling you have pain in your shoulder, neck or left arm.
  • Cancer.
  • Oncogenes — genes that exist solely to give us cancer.
  • Memory — or, why you imagine you remember exactly where you were on 9/11[2], but know you can't remember where you laid down your keys five minutes ago?
  • The ulnar nerve — a.k.a., "funny bone" — is located on the outside of the elbow joint. Thanks to this placement, if you bang your elbow against a hard surface, you will feel like you were stabbed in the elbow. Bang this nerve hard enough and you may lose the use of your fingers.
  • Humans will pass out at 12 Gs, and will die at 18 Gs. Cockroaches can survive 120 Gs! How come those creepy crawlers are harder to kill than us!
  • If humans could build garden hoses that withstand being run over, why couldn't God do the same for humans?
  • And while we're at it, why can't we rotate our heads more than 180°? An owl can twist its head almost 360°! It's not like an owl needs to back up a car or keep track of high-spirited children!
  • Other primates have nostrils that face forward, making it impossible for them to swim face down. Human nostrils point down, so we can swim. So why don't we come with a persistent and innate ability to swim rather than just a primitive reflex that we quickly lose? Or at least tread water? Does God like to see His children drown?[note 8]
  • Intoxicants: Pleasurable (good); addictive, DTs, can diminish your inhibitions to the point you might harm yourself and/or others, potentially harmful to your health, possibly lethal (bad). So, (a) why create them in the first place; and (b) why make them so pleasurable and addictive?
  • And what the hell is up with OCD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dyslexia, aphasia,Wikipedia depression, anxiety etc.?
  • Homosexuality (if you view it from a fundamentalist viewpoint). If it's so wrong, why does the almighty allow it to exist?[note 9]
  • Giving Humans the same passage to swallow food and breathe, a major choking hazard.
  • Creating psychopaths, which is pointless because you can only get into Heaven by loving God, so why would he create people who are incapable of love? And who are at a very high risk factor of making life quite miserable for other people? Is he just a sadist?
  • Fetuses can get cancer. Getting a Neo-Natal surgeon is extremely difficult as there is less than a hand full in the United States.
  • Allergies (like rhinitis) from mundane things like peanuts, grass, dust, pollen, fur, feathers, and many, many more. Sometimes, they get so bad, they interfere with sleeping and use up plenty of tissue wads in the process.
  • Giving young people (particularly teenagers) romantic & sexual desires before marriage, instead of giving them after marriage which either sets them up to sin or makes obeying his laws regarding sexuality needlessly difficult & painful.

Failure to use intelligent design protocols when creating other animals[edit]

A prime example of unintelligent design.
  • Not having all male animals born circumcised.
  • Not giving whales or dolphins gills, so they have to surface in order to breathe.
  • Not killing the dolphins and bonobos for their many sex sins.
  • The emu's wing is a spectacularly unnecessary appendage. Ditto other ratites such as the ostrich, rhea, cassowary, moa, elephant bird, kiwi, and the extinct terror birds.
    • The extinct moas had no wings at all, which means He toyed with the idea but backpedaled.
  • Giving bats solid bones, which are difficult to fly with, and giving emus hollow bones, which are easier to fly with, now that is opposite of what is required.
  • Giving mammals a nerve that runs from the brain to the larynx via the aortic arch — which doesn't seem like too much of an out-of-the-way trip until you look at a giraffe. There is good reason to believe that the same recurrent laryngeal nerve would have been shared by dinosaurs which would include the sauropod dinosaurs. In SupersaurusWikipedia it could have been longer than 28 meters (92 feet).
  • Various tragedies towards males in copulation, such as the testicular explosion and death of male honey bees,Wikipedia the sexual cannibalism among praying mantises,Wikipedia and certain species of anglerfish, in which the male anglerfish permanently fuses with the female then withers away until nothing but his testes remain.[3][4]
  • Rabbits have to eat some of their own feces (called cecotropes) in order to fully digest their meals. Yum!
  • Gay animals (from a fundamentalist perspective)
  • Creating sea cucumbers that allow some species of pearlfish to live inside their asses and even eat their gonads.
  • Allowing some species of fish (like hamlet fish, Hypoplectrus spp., and clownfish, Amphiprioninae subfamily) to change their sex freely and even let them choose if they can mate as a male or as a female, without giving trans people this same capacity.
  • Letting birds get fooled by parasitic birds like cuckoos and cowbirds.
  • Making antlion larva look nothing like adults.

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