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The real Rocky is a flying squirrel and the partner of Bullwinkle the moose. He backs the long-eared jerboa as the One True Mascot of RationalWiki.


Fake Rocky

Rocky the Mountain Goat was the mascot of the late lamented Great Northern Railway[1] Unlike Rocky the Flying Squirrel, he does not favor the long-eared jerboa.


Rocky Balboa was the name of the principal character in a long series of boxing-centric motion pictures. They were very bad movies. And they also starred Sylvester Stallone. But I repeat myself.

Rock burns[edit]

Rocky also refers to the low-grade cannabis resin that keeps kids across England high and happy, and their jumpers full of holes.


Rocky terrain is, well, rocky. It hurts to fall down on, and you'd best be advised to wear shoes with good ankle support to walk on it.

Horror Picture Show[edit]

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is typically shown at midnight, to throngs of celebrants dressed up as characters from the movie, who engage in intense acts of viewer participation mixed with tons and tons of sexual innuendo.


  1. Which did not run to Cheyenne nor from sea to shining sea. If this fact bursts your bubble and will ruin you for life, you can console yourself with the knowledge that the Burlington Northern, which the Great Northern merged into in 1970, did indeed go to Cheyenne. But that still doesn't change the fact that there never was such as train as the "Detroit Lightning" out of Santa Fe, nor any major anything given that the line out of Santa Fe is but a spur.