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The Millipede Machine is the method of transportation for the Rats. It is massive, about twenty meters long (note the liberal British unit), and millipede shaped. The pilot of the vehicle is typically Arthropleura, due to the fact that an Arthropleura is a millipede.


The interior space of the Millipede Machine is enough to accomodate sixty Rats, but it can also be ridden by one who doesn't mind getting a sore rear. The Millipede Machine can:

  • burrow at a rate of six feet a second
  • jump for ten meters
  • go at a top speed of 400 mph
  • swim at a speed of 90 mph

Once it reaches a battle, the Millipede Machine goes into offensive mode. Doors pop open, allowing rapid exit, and the various weapons charge up. The offensive capabilities include:

  • Concealed shotguns that can switch between buckshot, armor piercing bullets, and tranquilizers.
  • Concealed hard-sound guns.
  • Very, very nasty mandibles.
  • A free neutron maser.
  • Grenades.