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"Anonymous User" (inappropriate name), like other atheists, do you spend much of your time censoring others? I've analyzed your unconcise replies and you fail to mention what you find most inspiring about Columbus, such as his independent thinking, so I'm confident you're not an American. Furthermore, you deny that women knowing their place prevents Wikipedia bias. You can whine all you want, but evolutionists cannot explain how mammals survived the undeniably massive flooding that did occur. Wikipedia may be a better place for you to deny that fact, or to persist in ignoring the truth. Next you can predictably insist on your liberal last wordism.--aschlafly 00:40, 27 October 2020 (UTC)


The above is constructed almost entirely from things Andrew Schlafly has actually said in his postings at Conservapedia. We made up maybe 1% of them to get the thing going and to test grammar issues, but they're representative and you can spot them—they're usually the less insane sounding ones. Please add direct quotes — the crazier the better — but feel free to paraphrase to make the language work in context. And lest you question the accuracy of this infernal device, it passes the Turing Test (or perhaps Andy fails it; we're not sure).
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