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"Anonymous User" (you're not credible, liberal), embarassing themselves at the Olympics is so prevalent among the mainstream media that only liberal deceivers deny the connection. I skimmed through your recent edits and see you're suffering from evolution syndrome, so it's painfully obvious that you're an apologist for Lenski. Like all liberals, you deny that chivalry was and is an ideal for all to strive for. It is very effective in reducing and eliminating friction, insults, hard-feelings, and accidents, not to mention that it helps resist incest. I repeat: atheism is a self-centered ideology that leads individuals and societies to self-destructive rather than selfless conduct. I'll be lenient and block you for only a day but please don't return unless you want to contribute to this encyclopedia in a substantive manner. --Aschlafly 22:48, 1 October 2023 (UTC)

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