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"Anonymous User" (I notice how you hide behind an alias), your posting is filled with gross misspellings, "I don't get it" type of statements, and a general link that shows nothing. I wasted time with your unsubstantial additions and you list yourself as an "agnostic" here, yet 100% of your edits here have been of an atheistic nature. An agnostic, if fair-minded, should be at least 50% Bible-based and 50% atheistic-based, so I'm confident you're a supporter of infanticide. You also clearly deny that being conservative reduces murder. You can whine all you want, but not only does the theory of relativity fail to help anyone, but it affirmatively hurts lots of people by misleading them into a hurtful frame of mind. Please find a different scapegoat. --Andy Schlafly 13:41, 20 July 2024 (UTC)

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