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Snow is also fun. People ski on it and play in it.[1]
-Homeschooled education on snow

Snow is frozen water formed in clouds. It falls to the earth as the result of liberal lies and deceit.

Snow woo doesn't exist, and if it did exist it would be nothing like this. Hooray.


Snow woo is the godforsaken annoying practice of the media assigning stupid fucking names to the snow every time it snows. Like,

  • "Snowmageddon"
  • "Snow no you don't"
  • "Snowpocalpyse"
  • "Snoverkill"
  • "Snow the pain, the pain of it all"
  • "Snomega"
  • "SnOMG"
  • "Snow time like the present"
  • and now, "Snowacaine"


Equally annoying is the media calling every snowstorm a "nor'easter" in a blatant attempt at sounding like salty old sailors, when in fact "nor'easter" isn't even a real nautical term. It was rarely used before the last decade and may have even been made up by the freakin' news media.

Global warming[edit]

The fact that it snows for one day, anywhere in the world, is conclusive proof global warming is false.

See also[edit]

Don't see also, and especially don't listen to[edit]

  • Snow, the Canadian rapper who was a contemporary of Vanilla Ice, but somehow even worse.

hey don't go I'm not finished[edit]

Oh well, snow woo sure beats wasting $1 billion of the U.S. federal budget on a new embassy in London with a (freakin') moat.