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Woo is a term used among skeptical writers for ideas and practices that don't hold up to rational scrutiny, often with the implication that they are the result of muddled thinking. Generally taken to mean any of those topics which make certain people's eyes pop out with excitement about information they have, that you don't. Some examples might be:

Conspiracy Theorist Woo - The Millennium Bug, water fluoridation. World Government
Hippy Woo - Crystal Chakra Balancing, Aura Photography, Reiki
Creationist Woo - The Speed of Light ran slower in the past, almost anything really
Bible Woo - Jesus Diet, The Bible Code, chanting Bible verses in spells, archaic medical remedies from the Bible
Health Woo - macrobiotics, Laetrile, shark cartilage, fad diets
Economic Woo - pyramid schemes, debt elimination schemes, gold buggery, supply-side economics

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