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This is a drinking game to be used when listening to, or (if you're foolish enough) trying to argue with a 9/11 Truther. Every time a Truther says one of the things on this list, take the appropriate drink of the appropriate liquor, and score the listed amount of points. This list may be subject to expansion. If a given liquor is out of a player's price range, they are free to substitute it. Now then, let us begin.

Common keywords and phrases[edit]

Examples: "controlled demolition," "unanswered questions," "I'm just asking questions," "no wreckage at the Pentagon" etc.

You will quickly die of alcohol poisoning if you use booze. For these, take 1 shot of your non-alcoholic beverage of choice, and score 1 point.

If the Truther mentions or cites Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth[edit]

Take 1 shot of either your favorite well brand or Pabst Blue Ribbon and score 5 points. 2x bonus if the Truther invokes Richard "Box Boy" Gage.

If the Truther mentions thermite or nanothermite as the way one or more WTC buildings were destroyed[edit]

Take 2 shots of your favorite well brand or your favorite domestic beer and score 10 points. 2x bonus if the Truther cites anything from Bentham Science Publishers.

If you ask a Truther a straightforward yes-or-no question ("Did Flight 77 hit the Pentagon?"), and the Truther does not answer with a yes or no[edit]

Take 1 shot of your favorite top shelf liquor and score 25 points. 2x bonus if the Truther answers with a question.

If the Truther accuses you of being a government shill[edit]

Take 2 shots of your favorite top shelf liquor and score 50 points. 2x bonus if the Truther calls you a paid government shill. 3x bonus if the Truther follows up with an accusation of treason.

If the Truther states that s/he has made it his/her personal mission to either a) ensure that something like 9/11 never happens again, or b) make sure that the world learns "The Truth"[edit]

Holy crap, guys! We've got us a DC superhero! Fix yourself some Kryptonite and score 75 points

If the Truther indirectly or directly implicates either the Israeli government or Jews in general in the 9/11 attacks[edit]

Note: This includes mentioning that the owner of WTC 7 is Jewish

Celebrate with 1 glass of Gamla Galilee Pinot Noir 2007 or Château Fourcas Dupré Listrac-Médoc 2007 and score 100 points. 2x bonus if the Truther mentions that the World Trade Center was "very well-insured" or anything else suggesting a financial motive for 9/11. 3x bonus if the Truther claims that the owner of WTC 7 "confessed" to ordering his building demolished on national television.

If the Truther just can't resist tying 9/11 in with other conspiracy theories such as Agenda 21[edit]

We're hitting the big leagues now. Take 1 tinfoil cup of 25-year old scotch and score 250 points.

If the Truther uses a non-Truther website to back up his/her claims[edit]

We have no idea where the heck you found this person, but toast your good fortune with 1 tall flute of Louis Roederer Cristal Rose Brut Millesime and score 500 points.

If the Truther claims that a nuclear device was detonated at the World Trade Center, AND s/he ties it to the Jews[edit]

My friend, you have hit the jackpot. Take 1 neat shot of Macallen In-Lalique 57-year old scotch, score 1,000 points, and call it an evening.