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What is a "vandal site"?

We suppose it is a site that launches attacks on another site? How exactly does that work? Do people meet on the vandal site and prepare plans and decide strategies as to how they will "attack" other websites? Do they discuss in private how to compromise their "target"?

What, indeed, is a vandal site?

Don't mind me, I'm just asking questions!


4chan is the home of the /b/tards. They launch attacks on various websites, coordinated and often announced (they are attention whores) in advance. They attempt to overwhelm 2.0-type sites with spam, porn, and general trash. Un-editable sites would be subject to DDoS attacks.

They live in their mothers' basements.

eBaum's World[edit]

eBaum's World, also known as the poor man's 4chan,[1] is a site with some vandal members and also the location of a legendary vandal attack. All (okay nearly all) of eBaum's content is made up of material, that meets its stricter content rules, that they have stolen from 4chan, SomethingAwful, FARK and YTMND, etc. All four of the mentioned sites launched a denial of service attack on eBaum's World, bringing the site to its knees.[2] In a letter exchange between YTMND and eBaum's lawyers, eBaum's lawyers described YTMND's users as:

I realize that most of your entire website is comprised of pathetic, pimply-faced maladjusted pre-teens whose parents don't love them, and their best Saturday night date takes AA batteries.

Way to win them over.

eBaum's World's forums are also used as a launching pad for attacks on Conservapedia. You can tell when it is one of their attacks, since they replace main page talk with 80,000 bytes of EBAUMSWORLDEBAUMSWORLDEBAUMSWORLDEBAUMSWORLD.... Very clever, guys.


Anonymous are legion, even if no one knows who they are.

Other world famous vandal sites[edit]

Is RationalWiki one?[3]

We doubt it. Running this place is harder than herding cats, we can barely maintain our own site, let alone stage "attacks" on other websites.

Historic vandal sites[edit]

The Vandals were an East Germanic tribe that entered the late Roman Empire during the 5th century, perhaps best known for their sacking of Rome in 455. Vandal sites may be found in Gaul, Spain, Italy and northern Africa.

Vandal sights[edit]

Vandals are frequently sighted on the internet, especially by the hyper-imaginative at one Conservative website.

Vandal cite[edit]

Vandals are not often properly footnoted.


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