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Korea might refer to:

The Korean Peninsula is a big thumb that juts out of China's butt, also bordering Russia. Korea is known for its ginseng and kimchi, for having a vast majority of top-online Starcraft players, and for a listful of K-Pop girl- and boy-bands (the least being a group of 4).

Divided into varying kingdoms and jurisdictions throughout history, the peninsula since World War II has supported two separate republics: South Korea and Kim Jong-un's nuclear addicted country North Korea. South and North Korea have long been one country, but suffered from Japanese imperialism from 1910 to 1945, and were divided by another imperialism, the United States and the Soviet Union, in 1945.

Several horrendous events occurred during the brief military occupation of the United States (미군정)Wikipedia and the Soviet Union (소비에트 민정청)Wikipedia, in which the Soviet Union suppressed or slaughtered North Korea's landlords and non-communists, and the United States also suppressed and even participated in the slaughter by falsely accusing South Korea's democratic socialists and moderate communists of making counterfeit bills (정판사 위조지폐 사건Wikipedia). The two imperialist countries eventually divided the two Koreas. During this period, the U.S. recycled the ultra-conservative elites who cooperated with the Japanese Empire and suppressed the Korean people, which became an element of great conflict after the founding of South and North Korea in 1948 and would trigger North Korea to invade South Korea in 1950 (See Korean War).

Since the ceasefire in 1953, there has been virtually no war between South and North Korea, but the war has not been completely concluded. North Korea has threatened peace on the Korean Peninsula by developing nuclear weapons since 2005, and the U.S. also did not try to end the war with North Korea even before it developed nuclear weapons in 2005.