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Vardiman, Larry AIG, CMI, ICR Earth Science B.S. Physics, University of Missouri at Rolla. B.S. Meteorology, St. Louis University. M.S. Atmospheric Science, Colorado University. Ph.D. Atomospheric Science, Colorado University. Chairman of the Astro/Geophsics Department and Professor of Physics at the Institute for Creation Research.[1][2] "Evolution implies chaos and meaninglessness. Creation implies order and value."[3] A doctor of atmospheric science, not related to evolution or a young earth. No (Field)
Veith, Walter AIG, CMI, ICR Biology Zoologist. Patently doesn't understand evolution. See main page. YEC Yes
Vetter, Joachim AIG, CMI Biology [citation needed] Yes
Vinay, Stephen J. (III) AIG Chemistry Chemical Engineering.[citation needed] No (Field)
Vorpagel, Erich CMI Chemistry Biochemistry, Molecular Biology; computational protein function.[citation needed] Added to the CMI list as of the 29 October 2014 version. Yes