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Natural selection in itself is not a scientific principle, as it is based on circular reasoning. By natural selection, less fit organisms are eliminated and the fitter organisms survive to propagate the species. Organisms thus survive the process because they are fitter, and they are fitter because they survive.
—Walter Veith[1]

Walter Julius Veith (1949–) is a South African zoologist,[2] evangelist, professor, pastor, creationist and conspiracy theorist who doesn't understand evolution. He is a Seventh-day Adventist and is on the list of CMI list of scientists alive today who accept the biblical account of creation.

His materials are published through a non-profit group called Amazing Discoveries.

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Veith's presentations repeat material published by anti-Catholics (such as Alberto Rivera) and by Theosophists (such as Helena P. Blavatsky) as truth. As with many other conspiracy-theories promoted within SDA circles, Rome and the Catholic Church frequently figure in such ideas as the central villains.

Notable theories include:

His presentation technique consists of a Gish Gallop of bullshit, sprinkled with comments like "isn't that interesting?" For example, did you know that the New Orleans Police Department has a crescent-and-star symbol on their police cars? Clearly this indicates an affiliation with Islam, and not (for example) that Crescent City's cops also include a star in their symbology. The tie to Catholicism is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel also has the same star-and-crescent symbol in one of their stained-glass windows! Amazingly this does not mean that it was donated by the cops, despite the fact that the symbol in the window also explicitly says "New Orleans Police".

Veith makes sure his audience knows he's just asking questions. Most Seventh-day Adventist churches have distanced themselves from his teachings, likely because they find them crazy.

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