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  • Serious short-block reasons (no more than 3.6 days):
    • Mindless generic vandalism
    • Blanking page content
    • Edit warring (take it to the talkpage)
    • Clear spam/bot account
    • Clear spam/bot account (see edit filter)
  • Serious medium-block reasons (no more than 3.14 months):
    • Block evasion
    • Excessively offensive comments
    • Excessively trolling talk pages
  • Serious infinite-block reasons (to be used when deserved):
  • Semi-serious very-short block reasons (no more than 1 hour):
    • Feeding the Troll
    • Lombardism
    • EUI: Editing Under the Influence
    • Overdue for a block
    • Suspected spambot. Prove us wrong.
    • silly pattern of editing
  • Less-than-serious very-short block reasons (no more than 1 hour):
    • 30ร—diluted homeopathic ban
    • BLOCK WAR!!!1!
    • Entertain me little man! Dance! DANCE FOR ME! Mwuahahahahahahaha!
    • Expelled from the cabal (there isn't one)
    • Godspeed!!
    • I have reported you to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
    • Initiation (it's up to you to unblock yourself)
    • Keelhauled for being unpirate
    • Not wiping the goat down afterwards
    • Sock of liberal atheist communist troll, pirate, ninja, and all around awesome guy, Trent Toulouse
    • This is not your circle jerk any more!!11!!!1!!1!
    • Use!๐Ÿ‘ The!๐Ÿ‘ Pre-!๐Ÿ‘ view!๐Ÿ‘ But-!๐Ÿ‘ ton!๐Ÿ‘
    • Violated the 90/10 rule against memes memes memes
    • Russian bot
    • Sockpuppet of Putin's head of propaganda
    • You have been selected for a random block, nothing personal.
    • Not enough goat
    • Too much goat
    • This amount of goat is juuuuuuuust right!
    • Goatspeed!
    • Appears insane
    • Offences against rational thought
    • 42
    • Congratulations! You have won a free block!
    • firing turbobanners
    • You're clueless!
    • This is IrrationalWiki!
    • Preemptive strike
    • the FBI made me do it
    • Satan made me do it
    • The mecha death Goat god made me do it
    • the devil would have made me do it, but he doesn't exist
    • don't poke the bear
    • Sounding too much like Trump
    • Helpless invertebrate
    • Waiting for Bohdan, or somebody like him...
    • Lack of Machismo
    • Mei is useful
    • Grammar crimes
  • For use on yourself or when an editor sadly leaves.
    • Editor request, usually due to having no life
    • LANCB
    • Personal reasons
    • So long, farewell, Auf weinderschen, goodbye
    • I left the cabal (there isn't one)
    • So long, suckas!
  • The only infinite joke block?
    • Largely defensive weapon of wasting your time to unblock yourself