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Minecraft is a popular video game that was made by Markus Persson or Notch, and is now owned by Mojang Studios. It is the best-selling game of all time. Many claim that Minecraft is a kids game, but this is simply because of Microsoft marketing the game towards kids and/or OG YouTubers that played the game being kid-friendly.

The main focus of this article is to show how Minecraft violates very basic laws of logic, NOT how Minecraft is unrealistic. DO NOT spam the talk page about how Minecraft is just a game, I already know this. The reason that this article is written on RationalWiki instead of the Minecraft Wiki is that the Minecraft Wiki has a tolerance for illogical ideas, while RationalWiki does not. (even in video games, as shown by this article existing) RationalWiki allows for funpages.

Cauldron weirdness[edit]

Water and lava touching[edit]

When water and lava touch, what usually happens is that stone, cobblestone, or obsidian is created. When they touch while one of the two is in a cauldron, the results are different. See for yourself.

Enderman in water[edit]

When an enderman touches water, it normally teleports away. Not when the enderman is in something that begins with "c" and ends with "auldron".

Minecraft enderman water.png

Fall damage in water[edit]

When you fall into water, it normally negates all fall damage. Watch this clip to see otherwise. (Trapdoors are not necessary, they are to help align the player in the clip to land in the cauldron, VanillaTweaks resource pack is being used)

Water in the Nether[edit]

Water boils in the Nether. Except in a cauldron. Even with a big opening letting in "air" which is over 1,000,000,000°C by its ability to boil water so fast

Minecraft nether water.png

Hypocrisy in texture artist[edit]

A man called Jasper Boerstra wants Minecraft to be more accessible by making textures of different shapes instead of the same shape. The hypocrisy is that even though he considers accessibility to be very important, he does not change the shape of some textures. It can also be said that the texture artist suffers from cognitive dissonance. (Keep in mind that it is commonly agreed that reading the name of the item on the inventory is not a way to distinguish an item from another because of the amount of time it takes, VanillaTweaks resource pack is being used)

There are more examples than the pink and gray dyes shown below.

Minecraft cognitive dissonance.png

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