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Niles Eldredge

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Niles Eldredge (born, 1943) is an American paleontologist, who, along with Stephen Jay Gould, proposed the theory of punctuated equilibrium.[1] He called for an extended evolutionary synthesis in his book Unfinished Synthesis: Biological Hierarchies and Modern Evolutionary Thought (1985) based on the view of interaction of two hierarchies: a hierarchy of genetic information housed in genes, organisms, species and higher taxa; and an ecological hierarchy, concerned with interactions between biologic entities and the physical environment.[2]

Unfortunately, much like Stephen Jay Gould, Eldredge is usually quote mined by creationists.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Darwin: Discovering the Tree of Life (2005)
  • The Triumph of Evolution...And the Failure of Creationism (2000)
  • Reinventing Darwin: The Great Debate at the High Table of Evolutionary Theory (1995)
  • Fossils: The Evolution and Extinction of Species (1991)
  • Life Pulse: Episodes in the History of Life. Facts on File (1987)
  • Unfinished Synthesis: Biological Hierarchies and Modern Evolutionary Thought (1985)