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Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (at religioustolerance.org) is a generally unbiased resource of information about religion and related topics. The site provides analyses of subjects such as atheism, Islam and Satanism. The site is a hybrid between liberal and centrist policies. Most of the content on the site is written by Bruce A. Robinson.[1] Robinson is a retired engineer, and is an agnostic and a Unitarian Universalist.[2]

Its purpose is to provide "accurate religious information"[3] and "information on dozens of "hot" religious topics",[3] to reveal "religious fraud, hatred and misinformation",[3] and to "promote religious tolerance".[3] This perhaps makes the site the very antithesis of Conservapedia.

Its coverage of Scientology[4] runs the Church of Scientology line largely unaltered, and is recommended in turn by Scientology.[5] This is not as bad as it was in the late 1990s,[6] but should still be approached with caution.

The site has received hate mail and death threats.[7]

As of 2023 the website appears to be offline.

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