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The Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) was founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the controversial leader of the Unification Church[1][2] as part of the Unification Movement[3].

The PWPA runs Paragon House, a publisher of scholarly books.[4]

In 1992, following the longest faculty strike in United States academic history, the University of Bridgeport agreed to an arrangement with the Professors World Peace Academy whereby the university would be subsidized by PWPA in exchange for control of the university. The initial agreement was for $50 million, and a majority of board members were to be PWPA members.[5] The next University of Bridgeport president was PWPA president and holocaust theologian Richard L. RubensteinWikipedia (from 1995–1999),[6] and subsequently former U.S. Unification Church president Neil Albert Salonen (2000–present).[7][note 1]

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  1. Financial agreements with PWPA have been terminated and the University has been financially independent since 2004. The University is a licensed and accredited Connecticut nonstock, non-profit corporation with an unpaid Board of Trustees.