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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 65: The Divorce
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Qur'an 65:1[edit]

O Prophet! If any of you divorce women, divorce them during their period of purity, and calculate their term. And be pious before God, your Lord. And do not evict them from their homes, nor shall they leave, unless they have committed a proven adultery. These are the limits of God—whoever oversteps God’s limits has wronged his own soul. You never know; God may afterwards bring about a new situation.

Qur'an 65:1 Notes[edit]

Wives are yours to do mostly what you like with them, but you really ought to consider their feelings and be sensitive when you ditch them.

Qur'an 65:2[edit]

Once they have reached their term, either retain them honorably, or separate from them honorably. And call to witness two just people from among you, and give upright testimony for God. By that is exhorted whoever believes in God and the Last Day. And whoever fears God—He will make a way out for him.

Qur'an 65:2 Notes[edit]

Because who would dare give false, exaggerated, skewed or manipulative testimony. They run the risk of not being thought "upright". Egad!

Qur'an 65:3[edit]

And will provide for him from where he never expected. Whoever relies on God—He will suffice him. God will accomplish His purpose. God has set a measure to all things.

Qur'an 65:3 Notes[edit]

Except of course those millions who relied on God in Bangladesh and starved to death or who were swept out of their homes during floods. Unless their purpose in life was to starve or be swept to drown.

Qur'an 65:4[edit]

As for those of your women who have reached menopause, if you have any doubts, their term shall be three months—and also for those who have not menstruated. As for those who are pregnant, their term shall be until they have delivered. Whoever fears God—He will make things easy for him.

Qur'an 65:4 Notes[edit]

Wait a minute. Did this book just talk about wives "...who have not menstruated"? Hashtag Redflag!

Qur'an 65:5[edit]

This is the ordinance of God, which He sent down to you. Whoever fears God—He will remit his sins, and will amplify his reward.

Qur'an 65:5 Notes[edit]

A fairly standard manipulative phrase of submission through fear found all over the Quran.

Qur'an 65:6[edit]

Allow them to reside where you reside, according to your means, and do not harass them in order to make things difficult for them. If they are pregnant, spend on them until they give birth. And if they nurse your infant, give them their payment. And conduct your relation in amity. But if you disagree, then let another woman nurse him.

Qur'an 65:6 Notes[edit]

Wow. That all started off so nice. A phrase of kindness, compassion, justice, fairness and then there was that last bit. Zheesh.

Qur'an 65:7[edit]

The wealthy shall spend according to his means; and he whose resources are restricted shall spend according to what God has given him. God never burdens a soul beyond what He has given it. God will bring ease after hardship.

Qur'an 65:7 Notes[edit]

I don't know if that ease is meant to refer to in this lifetime (to which many will contest that their lives never saw ease) or in the super awesome happy heaven that those who have fear in their hearts are supposed to go to.

Qur'an 65:8[edit]

How many a town defied the command of its Lord and His messengers? So We held it strictly accountable, and We punished it with a dreadful punishment.

Qur'an 65:8 Notes[edit]

A beautiful verse of peaceful forgiveness and compassion.

Qur'an 65:9[edit]

It tasted the result of its decisions, and the outcome of its decisions was perdition.

Qur'an 65:9 Notes[edit]

That's right, a loving caring compassionate forgiving God...can also never ever forgive you.

Qur'an 65:10[edit]

God has prepared for them a severe retribution. So beware of God, O you who possess intellect and have faith. God has sent down to you a Reminder.

Qur'an 65:10 Notes[edit]

That reminder is one of many ancient books that all make the same claim about the exclusive truth about God and the particulars about what you have to do to avoid that loving peaceful God from torturing you for eternity. There are reminders everywhere. Which to take seriously?

Qur'an 65:11[edit]

A messenger who recites to you God’s Verses, clear and distinct, that he may bring those who believe and work righteousness from darkness into light. Whoever believes in God and acts with integrity, He will admit him into gardens beneath which rivers flow, therein to abide forever. God has given him an excellent provision.

Qur'an 65:11 Notes[edit]

However if you act with kindness and integrity but don't buy the absurd claims in this book, you won't get to enjoy those tranquil rivers.

Qur'an 65:12[edit]

God is He Who created seven heavens, and their like of earth. The command descends through them, so that you may know that God is Capable of everything, and that God Encompasses everything in knowledge.

Qur'an 65:12 Notes[edit]

If God has encompassed everything in knowledge, then why are there so many undeniably incorrect "facts" found all over the Quran?