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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 110: The Help
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Qur'an 110:1[edit]

When there comes God’s victory, and conquest.

Qur'an 110:1 Notes[edit]

A very very old promise that most of the Muslim faith are still waiting for...

Qur'an 110:2[edit]

And you see the people entering God’s religion in multitudes.

Qur'an 110:2 Notes[edit]

Well, actually, when Brunei became extremely wealthy with oil and set strict Islamic based laws, you really didn't see Christians in Sarawak or the Philippines flocking to Brunei to become Muslims and share in the resources and barbaric application of the law (especially to women). Certainly nothing approaching a flock.

Qur'an 110:3[edit]

Then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and seek His forgiveness. He is the Accepter of Repentance.

Qur'an 110:3 Notes[edit]

You can't really sing this hymn until you actually see a land become stable, wealthy and safe...with a subsequent rush of non-Muslims lining up to convert. This has yet to happen. So whenever it does, I suppose they will sing that hymn