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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 111: The Flame
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Qur'an 111:1[edit]

Condemned are the hands of Abee Lahab, and he is condemned.

Qur'an 111:1 Notes[edit]

Abu Lahab was Mohammed's uncle, who refused to be taken in by bullshit witnessed the glory of Allah's messenger in the flesh but chose ignorance instead. Not a popular figure in Islam.

Qur'an 111:2[edit]

His wealth did not avail him, nor did what he acquired.

Qur'an 111:2 Notes[edit]

So Allah doesn't take bribes. So, better than the Church at this time.

Qur'an 111:3[edit]

He will burn in a Flaming Fire.

Qur'an 111:3 Notes[edit]

Again with the plunging and the fire and the burning and the screaming, oy!

Qur'an 111:4[edit]

And his wife—the firewood carrier.

Qur'an 111:4 Notes[edit]

Abu Lahab was the real sinner who led his wife astray, so surely since the entire reading up until now has been about Allah's mercy...

Qur'an 111:5[edit]

Around her neck is a rope of thorns.

Qur'an 111:5 Notes[edit]

Ah nevermind. Into slavery she goes!