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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 92: The Night
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Qur'an 92:1[edit]

By the night as it covers.

Qur'an 92:1 Notes[edit]

A romantic setting

Qur'an 92:2[edit]

And the day as it reveals.

Qur'an 92:2 Notes[edit]

Tell me more!

Qur'an 92:3[edit]

And He who created the male and the female.

Qur'an 92:3 Notes[edit]

No one created the sexes, it emerged through evolution.

Qur'an 92:4[edit]

Your endeavors are indeed diverse.

Qur'an 92:4 Notes[edit]

For those who never realised, mankind does a whole bunch of different things!

Qur'an 92:5[edit]

As for him who gives and is righteous.

Qur'an 92:5 Notes[edit]

The charity part...yes. The believing in a sky-tyrant part...no.

Qur'an 92:6[edit]

And confirms goodness.

Qur'an 92:6 Notes[edit]

I would imagine most people believe there is at least some kind of good deeds that happen from time to time.

Qur'an 92:7[edit]

We will ease his way towards ease.

Qur'an 92:7 Notes[edit]

This means...those who spent their lives being abused, smacked around, bullied and everything else...but were good...will have it all made up for in the super-duper happy place where their good will be repaid with a disproportional never-ending good.

Qur'an 92:8[edit]

But as for him who is stingy and complacent.

Qur'an 92:8 Notes[edit]

I think economics villain Milton Friedman would disagree about the greed stuff. Not sure why self-sufficiency is a bad thing.

Qur'an 92:9[edit]

And denies goodness.

Qur'an 92:9 Notes[edit]

There certainly are sceptical pessimists out there.

Qur'an 92:10[edit]

We will ease his way towards difficulty.

Qur'an 92:10 Notes[edit]

I guess this chapter makes a gross generalisation of people lumping sky-tyrant believers, good people, non-greedy, non-self-sufficient believers of good into one impossible category, and the non-believers, bad people, greedy self-sufficient sceptics of good into a grotesquely impossible category.

Qur'an 92:11[edit]

And his money will not avail him when he plummets.

Qur'an 92:11 Notes[edit]

Unless he uses that money to cryogenically freeze his brain and some future people are somehow able to unfreeze him, recover the destroyed neural pathways in his brain and render him somehow into a new human being with the same mind and consciousness. In that case, yes, his money did save him when he periseth. But maybe this refers to the loving and forgiving sky-tyrant's pit of torturous burning screams.

Qur'an 92:12[edit]

It is upon Us to guide.

Qur'an 92:12 Notes[edit]

Taking this guidance is not optional.

Qur'an 92:13[edit]

And to Us belong the Last and the First.

Qur'an 92:13 Notes[edit]

And every piece of guidance is as important as anyother.

Qur'an 92:14[edit]

I have warned you of a Fierce Blaze.

Qur'an 92:14 Notes[edit]

The reader has been reminded of the subterranean torture chamber many many times throughout this book.

Qur'an 92:15[edit]

None will burn in it except the very wicked.

Qur'an 92:15 Notes[edit]

Which completely conflicts with the many lines that show all non-believers going there.

Qur'an 92:16[edit]

He who denies and turns away.

Qur'an 92:16 Notes[edit]

See...it conflicts with this one. Unless they mean, all of those who don't believe are wretched human beings, which is so preposterous it would be a laughing matter if it weren't so manipulatively abusive to threaten people like this.

Qur'an 92:17[edit]

But the devout will avoid it.

Qur'an 92:17 Notes[edit]

So there is some counterpart to the subterranean torture chamber!

Qur'an 92:18[edit]

He who gives his money to become pure.

Qur'an 92:18 Notes[edit]

Apparantly a nice place where charity donators go.

Qur'an 92:19[edit]

Seeking no favor in return.

Qur'an 92:19 Notes[edit]

Who give with all their heart

Qur'an 92:20[edit]

Only seeking the acceptance of his Lord, the Most High.

Qur'an 92:20 Notes[edit]

With the sweetest ooey-gooey feelings.

Qur'an 92:21[edit]

And he will be satisfied.

Qur'an 92:21 Notes[edit]

They will be in paradise. But wait one moment. If you don't believe in the sky-tyrant...you burn. But on the other hand if you give generously with the heart of a fluffy bunny with the most beautiful intentions...you go to the super duper happy place. So what happens to the generously-kind-people who don't believe? Do they burn in agonising pain one day and then jump around on soft white clouds the next?