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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 93: The Early Hours
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Qur'an 93:1[edit]

By the racers panting.

Qur'an 93:1 Notes[edit]

I went out partying all night long and during my walk of shame home the sun comes out.

Qur'an 93:2[edit]

Igniting sparks.

Qur'an 93:2 Notes[edit]

I can't even remember what I did last night

Qur'an 93:3[edit]

Raiding at dawn.

Qur'an 93:3 Notes[edit]

I won't know if the lord has forsaken me until I finally get a new puppy for my birthday!

Qur'an 93:4[edit]

Raising clouds of dust.

Qur'an 93:4 Notes[edit]

Got it, sunny days last 50% longer than nights...I guess?

Qur'an 93:5[edit]

Storming into the midst.

Qur'an 93:5 Notes[edit]

This is confusing, in other parts of this book...I'm told I need nothing to be happy, but now I'm told that I am happy (am I?) because god gives me what I need (does he?).

Qur'an 93:6[edit]

Indeed, the human being is ungrateful to his Lord.

Qur'an 93:6 Notes[edit]

Oh you must be talking to Muhammad! My bad.

Qur'an 93:7[edit]

And he bears witness to that.

Qur'an 93:7 Notes[edit]

Definitely must be a young Muhammad homeless and frightened. The best kind of people to indoctrinate.

Qur'an 93:8[edit]

And he is fierce in his love of wealth.

Qur'an 93:8 Notes[edit]

Seems like Muhammad definitely won the orphan lottery.

Qur'an 93:9[edit]

Does he not know? When the contents of the graves are scattered around.

Qur'an 93:9 Notes[edit]

It's interesting how so many of the rules in the Koran...are for the benefit of people who had similar lives to Muhammad. The coincidence is truly astounding!

Qur'an 93:10[edit]

And the contents of the hearts are obtained.

Qur'an 93:10 Notes[edit]

Well yeah, but I prefer to not give to just any beggar but those who play music in the street or sell trinkets.

Qur'an 93:11[edit]

Their Lord, on that Day, is fully informed of them.

Qur'an 93:11 Notes[edit]

Got it. If you survived a horrid brutish childhood and end up on top...you are expected to tell everyone else how amazing life is and that they'll definitely end up as good as you (will they?). Slight catch though...they will have to swallow in one gulp the enormous ocean of a world view you rant out while standing on an unstable soapbox.