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Robert Byers tackles one of evolution's strongest pieces of evidence - biogeography. Evolution's ability to describe why certain taxonomical orders exist in one location, and not others, is one of the theory's great strengths over creationism, which can't give a suitable answer to the question: "why don't kangaroos live in the Middle East"? Byers chooses to sidestep the whole issue by never telling the reader the difference between a marsupial and placental mammal, instead deciding to focus on Biblical kinds. He never does explain why almost every animal that migrated to Australia needed to "adapt" (not evolve) to having a pouch and give birth to an underdeveloped child. Apparently this makes more sense than the "evolutionists'" argument that there was initially one pouched species - that through adaptive radiation - is the common ancestor to the great diversity we see today.

Convergent evolution and biogeography[edit]

Wikipedia on Mammalia[edit]