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David J. Stewart of the radical, insane, evangelical site "jesus-is-savior.com", thinks that American public schools are the devil. In this rant, Stewart blames public schools for Communism, Humanism, sexual promiscuity, and the the decline of American society. This vibrant rainbow of insanity links Hitler to evolution, secularism to Communism, and Humanism to a new world order instigated by the Illuminati. In no shortage of words David says that the public schools support Communism by denying God's word, therefore inducing Humanism and sexual immorality leading America to become a totalitarian state just like the Masons want for the new world order. Join us on this wild ride through the halls of amplified wackaloonery, but keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.

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Things that David doesn't know anything about.

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