RationalWiki:Constitutional Convention, May 2011

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Whereas, the system of governance that has prevailed on RationalWiki from its inception to the present is recognized to be unsuited to the operation of a larger and more mature site; and

Whereas, the chief defects identified in this system are its lack of suitable rules on many crucial points and its nearly-complete lack of dispute resolution procedures; therefore be it

Proposed, that a Constitutional Convention be initiated immediately to create a new system of governance on RationalWiki, with more complete rules and more adequate dispute resolution procedures.

Interim measures[edit]

Whereas, RationalWiki's present system of governance has shown itself to be so ineffective that its operation must be brought to an end immediately; and

Whereas, RationalWiki must still be governed while the Constitutional Convention is ongoing; and

Whereas, it has been suggested by several editors that our current distribution of user rights must be changed before a meaningful change may be made in the system of governance; and

Whereas, Tmtoulouse has been RationalWiki's owner for a large part of its existence and has shown himself capable of effectively wielding large amounts of authority thereover; therefore be it

Proposed, that for the duration of the Constitutional Convention, Tmtoulouse be placed in sole possession of the following powers, without restraints beyond those here enumerated. These powers may, at his discretion, be delegated to or withdrawn from members of the RationalWiki Foundation Board of Trustees, or of the Loya Jirga.

  • User rights management.
  • Regulation of user registration.
  • Regulation of anonymous editing.
  • Blocking authority, which he may also delegate to or withdraw from other users as he sees fit; but no user shall be delegated blocking powers who did not hold the rank of bureaucrat as of May 1, 2011.