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RationalWiki:Constructive dialogue

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We here at RationalWiki always welcome those who disagree with points of view presented here to discuss their disagreement with us in a rational way. There are primarily three ways of doing this:

  1. Discuss a particular article's content on its talk page.
  2. Start a debate in the debate namespace.
  3. Write an essay explaining your perspective.

If you choose to travel down path 3, we expect you to be willing to defend your essay on its talkpage, and you are strongly encouraged to take on board the comments made there and consider changes if you feel any are necessary.

We have no edit limit, and 100% of your edits can be talk and debate. We would rather you explain why you disagree rather than make disparaging or unhelpful comments on the articles. If you can show why you are correct the articles will be updated to reflect this new information.

However, if you just spout off randomly without any sources (we prefer raw data, or at least some decent links), or if your argument is based on sexism, racism, or other hateful world views, you may find your welcome a little icy.

You will find more information on editing in our newcomers' guide and Community Standards.