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The nicest bunch of assholes on RationalWiki
Shills and Whores

There are 26 candidates for 7 positions and 2 alternates.

For candidate statements and discussion please review the campaigning page.

The voting system is based on the Single transferable vote system. Voters may vote for as many or as few of the candidates as they want. They should rank their choices in the order of preference, using none to not vote at that preference level. Questions on the voting procedure should be directed to the talk page. For technical issues with the voting extension please post at RationalWiki:Technical support.

The candidates are:

  1. Ace McWicked
  2. AD
  3. Armondikov
  4. Blue
  5. Colonel Sanders
  6. Cretinous incompetent
  8. DickTurpis
  9. Genghis Khant
  10. Human
  11. Le législateur (Appears as Le legislateur on the drop down list)
  12. ListenerX
  13. Lumenos
  14. Maratrean
  15. Nx
  16. Π (Appears as "Pi" on the drop down list)
  17. Psygremlin
  18. Reckless Noise Symphony
  19. Stabby the Misanthrope
  20. Sterile
  21. Titus Atticus
  22. Tolerance
  23. Ty
  24. WaitingforGodot
  25. Weaseloid
  26. Yuppie

Polls are closed.