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RationalWiki.info was a shell of a site which purported to prove the evil inherent in RationalWiki. Created by a former user and Conservapedia Sysop and much like RationalWikiWiki, it was a meta-meta...meta-site. That is, a site criticizing a site which criticized a site which criticizes another site.[1]

Although he never admitted the same, the responsible sysop was T "Team Killer" K. In the spirit of Conservapedia, many RationalWiki users, however, choose to believe to the contrary.[2] These people eat their own toenails, collect Magic: the Gathering cards, and live in their parents' basements.

While in existence, the page was largely empty. It is now expired, and you can buy it if you give a damn. Even we don't.

External links[edit]

An archived version of said webpage.


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