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U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N
50Michael Tracy,Wikipedia . twitter personality. He has gone from Russiagate-skeptic liberal to a pretty overt anti-“identity politics” right-winger with questionable criticism of BLM. He recently did a debate with vaush mostly about if BLM protesters where harmful to public health (they really arent, Tracey’s weaselly nature and dishonest inability to be open about his beliefs.) and his dishonest views about trans issues.. Consistent disdain for trans people. He’s one of those guys thats really obsessed with identity politics in an unhealthy way. He is a tulsi gabbard super fan. He doesn’t understand or is obfuscating the idea that he doesn’t care about elections being free fair and open.
6Tom Cotton,Wikipedia . [https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/03/opinion/tom-cotton-protests-military.html

American senator from Arkansas that is notable for recently writing an Op-Ed for the New York Times arguing in favor of sending in the troops to repress Americans engaging in their right to protest. The article caused an uproar at the new york times which culminated in the resignation of the opinions editor, James Bennet.

He also more recently has railed against the 1619 project as Marxist propaganda. He also recently made convoluted statements about how slavery was a “necessary evil”
0Bari Weiss,Wikipedia . Famous op-ed reporter that wrote an article platforming the intellectual dark web and has other bad right wing takes
0{{wpr|I Don't Speak German https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Don't_Speak_German%7C,} I Don't Speak German} wikipedia page for I Don't Speak German . The hosts Dan Harper and Jack Graham explore the far right nazis and other associated concepts figures and organizations relevant to the extremist right wing. I've listened to all the episodes and definitely think it's news worthy. There was a Dailybeast article about I don't Speak German. There were terrorist threats made against one of the hosts by members of the Base and Atomwaffen and members of the Bowl Patrol.
0The Grayzone and Max Blumenthal,Wikipedia . Notorious propagandist and Big bootlicker that spreads misinformation
0Liberty Hangout,Wikipedia . This is an insidious organization that masquerades as college libertarians in order to espouse straight up monarch-fascist rhetoric
22the red brown alliance,Wikipedia . This would have to be a longer form abstracter article that could be taken a couple of different ways. My intention would be for it to delve into how fascists and left wing authoritarians collaborate in spreading disinformation about the civil war in Syria amongst other issues.
116Ashley Rae Goldenberg/communism kills,Wikipedia . Token jewish nazi that palls around with Nick Fuentes. She is also a twitter personality.

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