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RationalWiki:What is going on in the blogosphere?/January 2009

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January 2009[edit]

6A slightly sinister Christian lobbying outfit seems to be behind almost all of the "persecuted Christian" stories hitting the press in the last year.
1It's time to resurrect a word from the 'thirties: bankster.
1It's amazing to hear the roll call of progressive people and institutions conned by Bernie Madoff. The latest, Brandeis University.
4Newsweek: "After Inauguration Day, departed presidents usually become footnotes pretty quickly. What we are witnessing now is far more dramatic. It's closer to a liquidation, or a cauterization."
3In this postcard, which will appear on the PostSecret website during the week of 18-24 January, a right winger admits to something we've all suspected.
3If these 20 forgotten scandals committed by the Bushies during the last eight years don't amuse/provoke/confound you, here are 20 more.
1Showbiz libruls tested the waters for a black president when no one else would.
3Hudson River Plane Crash - The Conspiracy Begins
0Not really news to anyone here: "Distraught Conservatives Retreating into Realm of Fantasy".
3Not quite a blog, but: Beast magazine reveals their list of The 50 Most Loathsome People of 2008.
3Caught on video (and posted to the Middle East equivalent of Digg.com) -- an Iranian cleric having "some Nasnas" with a female follower who is not his wife. (And you thought it was only Christian holy men who did that.)
1Oh, yeah, right. The mainstream media is hard-left liberal. That's why Newsweek thinks that Obama would be unwise to go along with the "overreaction to the alleged arrogance and heedlessness of Bush and Cheney—especially Cheney."
2Joe the Plumber, whose Warhol fame clock seems to be stuck at 14:59.999..., tells the press that they have no business being in a war zone if they aren't going to file rah-rah, gung ho reports for armed aggression and zealotry their side. Then, in his latest bid for the Upperclass Twit Ugly American of the Year award, he is surprised that an Israeli reporter files favorable reports about Israel.
2Jeremy the Homeopath's African AIDS Adventure(self promotion warning)
1Sir Terry Pratchett's Magic Light Helmet - Has Terry fallen for woo?(self promotion warning)
1I Volunteered for Jock Doubleday's Bogus Vaccine Challenge - And he got really angry with me...(self promotion warning)
4Exploding the myth about gay reindeer.
2She is left, I am right. Can we get along?.
2Somehow, a PUMA blog made it to the finals of "best liberal blog on the internet." VOTE AGAINST IT, starting January 5th.
2DMCA Abuse by the Immoral; If you do not defend freedom of speech, you will lose it.