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December 2008[edit]

5You know how fundamentalist Christians, Jews, etc hate atheists? Well, they also hate the more moderate members of their own religion. Cartoonist Eli Valley illustrates the divide between fundamentalist (i.e. Orthodox) Jews and more liberal Jews when it comes to politics.
1Rick Warren's a young earth creationist, whose "faith" stems from a misunderstanding of Genesis. At least Obama's real science advisers are good guys.(self promotion warning)
2The repeated conservative attempts to fight a "War on Christmas" miss the point of the season.(self promotion warning)
3Christmas Eve 1968 - Apollo 8 vs. Atheism
5Atheist blogger "Raving Atheist" converts, possibly for a woman, possibly for a joke, possibly because it was his plan all along. PZ Myers reports, while Pharyngula readers go all DaVinci Code on Raving Atheist's ass, exposing one secret message hidden in the text, the message's subsequent deletion and replacement, and speculating on the meaning of the former. (24 December 2008)
2(Alternative) Medical Advances Continue in North Korea
4A demolition of Gerald Warner's article on the "gay terrorist threat" to Christianity
1There's a strong legal case that Proposition 8 was unconstitutionally enacted.(self promotion warning)
2Obama doesn't need to abrogate the conscience regulation: he can just refuse to enforce it, and repeal it before he leaves office.(self promotion warning)
3Richard Littlejohn: "The 1930s were the Warmest Decade, and Climate Fascists Need to Find God" (self promotion warning)
2Meet Obama's New Chief Science Advisor(self promotion warning)
4Rick Warren, fundamentalist meatbag, will be at Obama's inauguration. ANGER.(self promotion warning)
7Alan Colmes tells Ann Coulter that she is "a hate crime." To her face! On Fox!
2Who's the one asshole big enough to make John Ashcroft look like a hero? Dick Cheney.(self promotion warning)
2One lib'rul defends warrantless wiretapping... to an extent.(self promotion warning)
5Fascinating Video: Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown, the famous British "mentalist".
4Westboro Baptist Church Gatecrash the "War on Christmas"!
3The "War on Christmas" is all about not being able to accept multiculturalism.
3About 30 years ago, the BBC TV series "Not the Nine O'Clock News" ran these skits about conservatives, the church's attitude towards gay Christians and the malleability of "unchanging" dogma. It's depressing how little things have changed.
2From Wall Street's 'Disaster Capitalism for Dummies'
2Is it too late to defend Reverend Wright?
2The bailout... not going so well, actually.
6Jon Stewart flays Huckabee on the gay marriage issue, by proving the emptiness of appeals to tradition, especially when tradition is equivocal.
2Does the internet do anything more than breed extremists?
3Inconvenient Truths The media's disingenuous failure to state the obvious. (Dec. 8, 2008)
2Donofrio v. Wells may be dead, but that won't deter the wingnuts.
3Don't let Andy Schlafly fool you. The Supreme Court/Obama citizenship case is dead.
1YouTube is dead. From your friendly, neighbour Thunderf00t!
2Why national science standards, geared at promoting evolution, might not work.
3One man's humble opinion: evolution needn't disprove the Bible.
3ScienceBlogs no longer has a monopoly on battling denialists: post Obama's election, there's a new breed of denialists in town, crazy neocons challenging Obama's eligibility to be President! Two reasons why they're wrong.
3Emma Tom compares Intelligent Designers (not the creationists, God the actual designers) with bored goths.
11Roger Ebert finally reviews Expelled. Two evolved opposable thumbs down.