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June 2009[edit]


In case we needed a reminder that you don't need to be Conservative to be a kook: "NASA moon bombing violates space law & may cause conflict with lunar ET/UFO civilizations".


Scientific American: "Apparently, humans have evolved to believe in Creationism."


The Eagle Forum files an amicus to the Supreme Court in support of a 2005 California anti-video game bill that was deemed unconstitutional. The paper cites most anti-game bogymen, along with a fatal game-related accident... that happened in 1982. Of course Andy wrote it.


A Christian veteran, touring the country to promote peace and love. How heretical can you get?


Sam Harris and Philip Ball discuss the conflict between religion and science. They do not agree…


Thanks to wonderously unimaginative human nature, it's possible to detect election fraud using the numbers. (Although they turn out not to be 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42...)


Don't Call What Happened in Iran Last Week an Election: It was a crudely stage-managed insult to everyone involved.


The forces of stupidity outdo themselves and reveal that Canadian force to be reckoned with, Canadian Cynic is in reality Rob Day from talk.origins. The tactic backfires badly, as now the Cynic is able to call Creationists and IDiots "douchebags" in a much more public fashion than before.


"Bullying's Hidden Danger": Scientists notice that a disproportionate number of psychotic people have been bullied and conclude that being bullied may cause the emergence of psychotic tendencies in adolescent victims. Will these people never learn?


Seems that nice man, Dick Cheney is hoping for a terrorist attack to put that uppity mooslem Obama in his place... according to the CIA


Can you "out" somebody who isn't "in"?


Hollywood actresses have long complained about the dearth of strong women's roles, but this? An NPR blogger asks Pixar to "please make a movie about a girl who is not a princess." The responses from readers of one of the biggest animation blogs out there, including a number of animators in their own right, range from "a Chick Flick...?" to "P.C. B.S."


Mrs. Robinson tells it like it is: "Right wingers, either declare civil war already, or GROW UP". The tragedy is the people she's talking to will never answer her honestly.


When a tragedy occurs, make sure you spin it to attack your favourite strawman.


You're an Atheist Because You Want to Sin!


The Tiller murder conspiracy theories begin. He raises a good question: Why isn't this case being treated as domestic terrorism?


The subject is Canadian blogger/idiot Patrick "Twatsy" Ross, but we can all spot people we know. Including at CP. Maybe especially at CP.


With all the books on the 2012 apocalypse - no doubt there are movies and TV shows in the works - it's nice to see that some mainstream media outlets like Newsweek and Slate.com aren't buying into this new cult.


Amanda Marcotte takes a few pages out of the "Pro-Life" movement's handbook--literally. Learn important debating techniques, like how to feign sympathy with those stupid fetus-carriers!


In the wake of the Tiller tragedy, Canadian blogger Bene Diction gives us some Christian rhetoric we could use more of.