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The Crazy Leon is a grilled cheese sandwich made of sourdough bread, garlic, a strong blue cheese, and sauteed pear. Its mustachioed cousin, the Dirty Leon, adds sauteed red onion and pumpernickel bread.


  • sourdough bread, sliced from the center of a round loaf
  • strong blue cheese (Roquefort, Maytag, Stilton, Cabrales, etc.)
  • 1 pear (the gritty D'Anjou holds up better than the crisp Bosc)
  • several cloves of garlic
  • several tablespoons of butter


Candied pear[edit]

  • Core and slice pear into 1/8" thick pieces the length of the fruit
  • Saute fruit in a few teaspoons of butter in a medium saucepan - remove when it is just cooked through
  • Leave the saucepan over medium heat with another few teaspoons of butter


  • Toast or broil sliced sourdough to preferred color and rub raw garlic clove over toasted surface of bread
  • Crumble or slice blue cheese onto bread - a little goes a long way
  • Complete assembly with a few slices of sauteed pear
  • Saute each side of sandwich until golden brown and the cheese melts

Dirty Leon variation[edit]

Substitute pumpernickel bread and add red onion sauteed until completely reduced and just beginning to caramelize.

Health recommendations[edit]

Call your doctor, you are about to have a heart attack. But at least you will die happy!