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03:02, 22 February 2013 RWFuture.jpg (file) 24 KB Icon for the futurism navbar we've been talking about in the bar. Simplest I could do for stereotypical 50's robot. 1
20:01, 6 January 2013 Planaria Icon.png (file) 1 KB It... refuses... to... work.... 5
19:57, 6 January 2013 Talk RW.png (file) 454 bytes Also for my sig; made it myself. Public domain for obvious reasons. 1
19:53, 6 January 2013 DA RW.png (file) 400 bytes For my sig, a link to my DeviantArt profile. I think this is "fair use". {{Fair use |username = HeidelbergKid |title = Template:HKSig |deceased = |low resolution = yes |other = Using a site's logo to l... 1
00:01, 28 December 2012 RW Cult Template.png (file) 14 KB Made it myself; I think it looks better than the old one and has 100 per cent less copyright violation. It's a simplified depiction of some robed devil worshippers. 2
18:53, 27 December 2012 RW Folklore Template.png (file) 13 KB Removed an accidental white speck. Minor. 2
23:14, 15 December 2012 McDojo Dispute.png (file) 50 KB Screenshot I took myself of our McDojo page, for a point I'm making in the talk page. 1
14:09, 14 December 2012 Evolving.png (file) 22 KB XKCD's new evolving staph comic For antibiotic resistant bacteria article. 1
22:39, 25 November 2012 HKFakeEvoNavbar.png (file) 20 KB Re-did with complete border. See original description. 2
01:26, 2 June 2012 Flood Buries Life.jpg (file) 54 KB Picture of a sign from the Creation Museum for the article on the great Deluge. I think it qualifies as fair use for the purpose of the article. 1
17:31, 21 January 2012 JupiterandEarth.jpg (file) 37 KB Intended for use in the article on Velikovsky, to compare the interiors of Jupiter and Earth w/o the other gas giants, which are unnecessary. As this image was made by the U.S. government, it is copyright-free. 1
18:24, 6 November 2011 The Adam's Family.jpg (file) 58 KB Family tree of Eve's equivalents (in purple) in Sumerian mythology, intended for use in my userspace article on Eve, and (if others agree) in the mainspace article. 1
13:08, 16 October 2011 EveGenealogy.png (file) 4 KB The genealogy of Eve, up to her grandchildren. Intended for use in the Eve article. 1