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I answer questions about HeidelbergKid on RationalWiki. No, the raptor outbreak has yet to be stopped.
Artist's depiction of me.

Hello, and let me be the first to say "congratulations!" for discovering me on RationalWiki. I am an aspiring evolutionary biologist, fascinated by all life, past and present. Although I have been on here for over a year, I still can't shake the feeling from me that, without a page, it makes me somehow "n00bish". Regardless of that, and regardless of the fact that I don't like artificial introductions like this, let me say hello.

I am:

If you have any questions or comments, leave them on my talk page. Or talk to your friendly local magic seed shrimp.


Long-term projects on RationalWiki I'd like to get done someday. Hopefully this'll orient me.


Bring up EvoWiki again as a living wiki on evolution, palaeontology, anti-creationism, &c. Project is currently in Phase 1.

  1. Gain editing rights on EvoWiki
  2. Begin cleaning up existing articles, dealing with orphans, &c
  3. Set up to-do list (as on here) so wiki hopefully won't fall into its previous state
  4. Increase site's collective attention of EvoWiki
  5. Open EvoWiki for public editing (???)


Feel free to vote, but be fair. This is more like a Twitter feed used once a week than a real blag.

226 Jan 2013 - Back from a hiatus! I've mainly been out because Chrome's refusing to let me use the "edit" and "add section" tabs at the top of the bar, although everything else works normal. Think I've found a work-around.
36 Jan 2013 - Got myself a new signature with links to my DeviantArt.
41 Jan 2013 - Happy New Year! I'm campaigning for moderator, so look at my campaign page and vote for me, or just vote for me without looking!
525 Dec 2012 - Got a new laptop for Christmas! For a moment, I would accidentally hit the "s" key instead of the "a" key, but I quickly adapted. Also got a really nice book on prehistoric life.
317 Dec 2012 - Added to my watchlist for the first time, so I'll know if/when someone answers to my response here. Anyone reading this, please answer if you can.
415 Dec 2012 - Well, I've quasi-revamped my profile page. Figured out a nice way to allow people to vote on blag posts and my lists of shit to do.

References & Footnotes[edit]

  1. Some say logical positivism proves too much and thus refutes itself. Without some sort of axiom, we can know absolutely naught about anything. (Even maths has its definitions and rules; between any two points there is exactly one straight line, for example.) I side with Occam's razor and go with the WYSIWYG approach; our senses (extended with tools) and logic (including models) provide a reasonable representation of the outside world. I highly recommend Richard Dawkins' new book The Magic of Reality.