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Comment by an upset anonymous user[edit]

Which ever sad failure of life created this is either another run of the mill delusional serf or an equally common and pathetic dime a dozen sell out who would let their whore of a mother be raped for a sheckel.

In either case I don't know what's more amusing - the sheer scale of how pathetic you are, or the fact that you're such a braindead simpleton that you are physically incapable of ever conceiving of or recognizing the self evident truth.

Enjoy your mental illness, being abused, robbed and poisoned your whole life while you grin like the delusional bitch you are, and the cancer.

You will not be missed by anyone whose life has any value.— Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs

Gee,how nice of you to wish death on others, calling them mentally ill, accusing them of selling mothers who you insulted for a small value of money to a horrible fate and calling them stupid. You are a special little sack of assholery that's too impotent to even be a decent human being to others, instead running the gamut of insults that only madly gibbering asshats would use. I could call you a asshole and leave it at that, but poking the fire with a stick is always fun.--The Madman (talk) 17:52, 12 February 2014 (UTC)The Madman
Yes, and ALAN WATT is the "man" who got this anonymous user in a tizzy to begin with. Some people are more prone to father figure types (who are really just shitty retard wolf wannabes ala Alan Watt) messing with their head for sheckels or fun. So anonymous needs to realize this asshole Alan Watt took advantage of him and track him down and kill him. 'The Madman' needs to shut up because he is being just as ignorant if not more so (depends on your perspective). In my perspective, more so, because you should be trying to help the person not make them worse. Fuck both of you. John the Red Riding Hood — Unsigned, by: / talk

IRrational response[edit]

we both must be madmen then madmen.

"Conspiracy theory" - implies available knowledge to dismiss a thing as being theory only! knowledge is power, yet most people’s "knowledge" comes from movies & TV shows, so little to no knowledge to empower themselves also means little power to determine what is theory & what is not.

"Your mentally ill" - before they have even sat in a room with them or met them in person and even then not as many are qualified as they think they are to make such an accusation - it’s what i call "destabilization addiction" meaning seriously inadequate people have to use such tactics before they can even engage with you or before the argument has even begun. The fact they assume they can make such a judgement in the first place means they are the ones that are likely ill.

"... but equally loopy...wacky beliefs" - meaningless claptrap, gibberish talk that i want a refund for the time i spent reading those sentences.

As for sports - little to nothing wrong from Alan there, again movie & TV history does not count but even they admit it now & then

for arguments sake let’s say watt is, on the game, putting out disinfo for personal gain, at least he would be making money from it, you’re just an idiot with a keyboard & no evidence who thinks his emotional outbursts mean something, whereas at least we know some! of what Watt says is true even if it is `the hooks' to `bring people to the table' — Unsigned, by: Djay78 / talk / contribs

Crossover with LaRouche Cult.[edit]

I can't help but notice that most of Innis Floyd/Alan Watt's conspiracy prattle seems to be derived from, or at least very similar to, the material put out by the LaRouche cult. Is there any evidence that Floyd/Watt was ever involved with them? — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs

Birth Date[edit]

The Birth Date is definitely wrong. He was much older than fifty six when he died.

That video was released in 2010. Further, when listening to bits about his childhood and what he remembered he was definitely born before 1965. Fehmgericht (talk) 20:52, 12 January 2022 (UTC)