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Alan Watt

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Not to be confused with hippie philosopher Alan Watts.
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Alan Watt is a Scottish-Canadian conspiracy theorist, who runs the online conspiratorial ministry, Cutting Through The Matrix, where he preaches New World Order conspiracy theories while trying to make a few bucks selling books and DVDs. In other words, a lesser known, but equally loopy version of Alex Jones.[1]

So, what does he believe in?[edit]

Alan Watt professes belief in the following:

  • The world as we know it is on the brink of collapse, and a New World Order is imminent.
  • Governments are using the conflict in the Middle East to distract us from the real problem... chemtrails![2]
  • Professional sports are being used to distract the populace from the elite's secret plans and to "take away your manhood"[3]
  • Anthropogenic climate change is a hoax and is being used as an "excuse to bring about some agenda" involving depopulation in accordance to the Club Of Rome and the United Nations[4]
  • "Prison cities" akin to the FEMA concentration camps were to be established across the world in 2011[5] to kill off the useless eaters. As of 2018 we're still waiting for them.

Selling the truth[edit]

Alan Watt's flawless website has a section named "Purchase" where he distributes his books, CDs and DVDs, which spread more conspiracy theories and denialist nonsense.

Stopped clock[edit]

Despite his wacky beliefs, Watt has denounced the equally insane views of David Icke. He is also skeptical of religious fundamentalism.

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